IT industry have such a great demand in Malaysia, that I manage to get an internship for my degree within a week. My university even have IT Career Fair and offer hundred of jobs every year.

I joined the Li & Fung during internship and now work as permanent employee. LF is a Hong Kong-based global trading group with remarkable supply chain management. We have the most (but not all) global-IT personnel located in Malaysia. We supporting the company operation by the in-house build Warehouse Management System (WMS).

I’m working under the interface team, which responsible to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between the WMS and customer system. The customer need to have their account set prior in WMS, after that we configure the interface based on their requirements. The common interface included: Purchase Order, Receiving, Shipment Order, Stock on Hand and etc.

The job can be tough during some promotion event like 11.11, due to explosive amount of orders from the e-commerce. But during daily basis, it can be fun and fulfilling job by some time management. We mostly working on development, monitoring, maintenance and trouble shooting.

In conclusion, I can’t ask more from this job which help me gaining both technical and soft skills. Keep Learning!