In this article, I will sharing my experience for buying unit trust by Maybank2u. Unit trust is a very good vehicle to start your investment:

1. Low start up cost – Some unit trust offer minimum initial investment as low as RM200 and any amount for top up the fund. To buy stock (etc. blue chip company), the minimum unit you can buy is one lot (100 units).


For intances, the price for TNB today cost RM13.86. To start investing, you will need RM13.86 x 100 units = RM1386.00 to buy one lot.

2. Online Transaction – You need no broker, or open trading account in actual bank.Registration, buy funds, top-up and redeem fund can all be done online thru Maybank2u.


Buy Unit Trust at Maybank2u

Step by step:

Firstly, login to your existing Maybank2u account. Click on the Apply Online tile or the tab on top.


Then click on the Unit Trust, tick the agreement. Follow all the steps and you should created your unit trust account at the end! =D


With a Maybank2u Unit Trust account, we can monitor our investment 24/7 now!

To view your portfolio, click on ‘View Protfolio Holdings’:


Details provided include: The Fund Name, Plan Type (*RSP or CASH), Unit Held, Average Cost, Latest Closing NAV, Total Value, Estimated Profit/Loss (per Unit) & Estimated Profit/Lost.

Unit Held – total units you hold for that fund

Average Cost – if you bought the fund more than 1 time with different prices, the cost will be averaged

Latest Closing NAV – the latest price of the unit trust on the market


*RSP:  Regular Saving Plan Investment

If you can’t find any record in Portfolio, the chances are your transaction still work in progress. Go to ‘View Transaction Status‘ to check.


Investment are crucial to fight back inflation, or, perhaps passive income for those who willing to put time and effort on it.

Happy investment!