After working on my first job for 6 months, I’m thinking to get myself a credit card. It will be a lot easier for the transactions on petrol station, groceries store, online shopping and more. So I’m started to do some research on the internet, looking for the best deal and I got this – ONE Card Classic from UOB Malaysia.

The cash rebate system of the card matched my interest, which including Cash Back on: Petrol, Groceries, Tel Co & Golden Screen Cinema. For other spending outside those categories get rebate on 0.2%. (More details go to UOB One Card)

This is the best entry-level card for petrol rebates. 5% cash rebate when we spend on weekend, 2% during weekday on ANY PETROL MERCHANTS.

Cash Rebates Max. Amount Qualified to rebate /month Petrol Merchants
Weekend Weekday One Card Classic One Card Premium
5% 2% RM300 RM500 Any

Study Case:

Cash Back Eligible Cash Back (RM)
Petrol spend on Weekend (RM) 200.00 5% 10.00
Petrol spend on Weekday (RM) 100.00 2% 2.00

In this month, SENN spend RM200 to pump petrol on weekend, and RM100 on weekday. So he was getting: 10.00 + 2.00 = RM12.00 total cash rebates. However, please keep in mind that any spending more RM300 are not eligible for the cash back. (When you spend RM350.00 this month, only the first RM300.00 got rebate, the remainding RM50.00 are not)

Please check official website for more info: UOB One Card.

Good things always come with price – RM68 annual fee in this case.

Other fees included:

  • Annual Fee for Supplementary Card – RM30
  • Minimum monthly payment – RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount
  • Late payment fee – RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, max. RM100
  • Cash withdrawal fee – RM21.20 or 5.30% of withdrawn amount (which is higher), 18% interest rate

(Sometimes they will turn on the card insurance, so called’credit shield‘. The only way to turn it off is dialing the Call Center and have a conversation with their staff)

Just make sure you have RM2000 monthly income and 21 years old to own this awesome card!